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Who we are

Vega Metals Trading Inc. is a company incorporated in 2021 under the laws of Canada having its head office at 1 Place Ville Marie, Suite 1670, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 2B6, Canada.

Vega Metals Trading Inc. is owned 50% by Palos Capital Markets Inc., Canada and 50% by Camet AG, Switzerland. 


Since then, the company has grown its business globally by offering its customers a reliable and trustworthy business partner of choice. 

Vega Metals Trading Inc. is committed to operating its business responsibly and takes pride in providing a professional long-term commodity solution to its customers.

Our preference is to represent our suppliers in the markets we operate by building a sales book for them however we are open to alternative contractual relationships best suited for their needs.

Who we are
What we do

What we do

Trading House

Vega Metals Trading Inc. specializes in providing safe and reliable long-term supplies of ores, concentrates, metals and other products. 

They are sustainably sourced in various forms and include 21st century metal products used as a critical component to produce Super-Alloys and / or Technology Devices (smaller, stronger, lighter) from our partners worldwide and then delivered to our customers. 

Vega Metals Trading Inc. is also active within the transition metals market where it has strong business relations with suppliers and customers globally.


Vega Metals Trading Inc. has already achieved a considerable trading volume, considering the difficulties caused by Covid at the start of the foundation.

The current portfolio of Vega Metals Trading Inc. includes the following products:

·    Cobalt

·    Coltan

·    Copper

·    Molybdenum

·    Monazite

·    Nickel

·    Niobium (Columbite)

·    Tantalite

·    Tin (Cassiterite)

·    Zinc


In the role of an agent, Vega Metals Trading Inc. representing producers / manufacturers as exclusive and non-exclusive representatives and supporting mining companies and trading houses as consultant.Vega Metals Trading Inc. develops / installs an independent Sales & Marketing Unit, attaches great importance to maximum transparency, represents the producer at conferences and business meetings of all kinds and creates / maintains his perfect international image and first class reputation.


Vega Metals Trading Inc. ensures that general market knowledge as well as individual customer data to be always up to date and available for the partner.


Due to its enormous international network, the decades of experience, their broad knowledge of a large number of commodities and its absolute proximity to the market, Vega Metals Trading Inc. offers optimal solutions (financing / Sales & Marketing / logistics / etc.) for exploration companies and producers at all stages of development.




Philippe Marleau

Director / Co-Founder

Phil is currently CEO of Palos Capital Corporation (“Palos”), a boutique financial services firm focused on investment management and merchant banking activities. He previously co-founded and served as CEO of IOU Financial (a tech-enabled lender to small businesses listed on the TSX-V: IOU). Phil currently serves on the boards of Palos, IOU Financial and GobiMin (an investment issuer listed on the TSX-V: GMN). Previously, he served on the boards of MAG Energy Solutions (a leader in electricity trading in North America) and Fountain Asset (an investment company listed on the TSX-V: FA). Phil holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) with a Minor in Economics from McGill University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).


Christian Falk
Managing Director / Co-Founder

Christian, a German citizen, has approximately 15 years of experience in mining and metals trading. He started his career in the steel industry, as purchasing and sales manager within the raw material department at a major European steel producer. Christian then worked for midsized metal trading houses in Switzerland, specialized in ores, concentrates as well as base metals. He subsequently moved to Glencore International AG (“Glencore”), where he worked for 5 years in the copper department, trading molybdenum and cobalt products worldwide. Furthermore, he is one of the founding partners of Switzerland based commodity advisory firm Camet AG.

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Christoph Ebeling

Managing Director / Co-Founder

Christoph, a German citizen, has over 20 years of experience in purchasing, marketing and sales of ferro alloy products, especially niobium and bauxite, among others. Christoph has worked at various trading and producing companies throughout his career including GMI and Injection Alloys trading products globally. He worked as sales & marketing manager for  CAMET Metallurgie GmbH, the global marketing agent for Niobec Inc., the 3rd largest niobium producer globally and the exclusive sales & marketing agent for “Linden Bauxite”. CAMET Metallurgie GmbH, was subsequently sold to Iamgold, Canada. Christoph is one of the founding partners of Camet AG.

Where we are
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